Hey, I'm Zen!
You can also call me "Comet", if you like. That's the blue space dog. They're sort of my mascot and alter ego, rolled into one. A very fluffy one.
I like to make cute, fluffy, queer, fun things to share at local art markets in the greater Vancouver area! 
In addition to all the fun and colourful goodies you see at my table, I take personalized character commissions as well in full colour ink! These little guys are hand-cut on a matching backing stock, and can be attached to a badge, pin, keychain or even a magnet so you can display them wherever you want.
These custom ink illustrations are also a specialty of mine! Done in archival black ink, these one-of-a-kind pieces are delivered by mail and as a digital PDF, so they are given the time and love they deserve. 
I love drawing creatures and critters of all kinds--muzzles, beaks, snouts, scales, fins, wings, jelly, jaws, maws, you name it (and I can do humanoid characters too, if you need some art for your tabletop or rpg character)!
Interested in a commission? Check out my order form at the top if you'd like to order ahead before an upcoming con! I'm always open. Questions? Comments? Want to see more examples of my work? Feel free to reach out via my contact info or Instagram--I'm a friendly fur!
My online boutique is coming soon! ;D
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